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Avaya IP Office 5621

Avaya IP Office 5621 Handset

Avaya 5621 IP Handset (Discontinued)

Supported with Avaya IP Office Release 3.0 and higher
The Avaya 5621 telephone supports the following features:

  • 24 Programmable Feature Keys (presented in 2 pages of 12).
  • Automatically labeled from the system (no paper labels).
  • 6 Fixed Feature Keys: Speaker, Mute, Hold, Headset and Volume Up/Down.
  • Large graphical gray-scale display (168 x 132 dots).
  • 5 Fixed Feature Keys below the display: Conference, Transfer, Hold, redial and Drop.
  • 4 Embedded applications: Speed Dial, Call Log, Web Browser (WAP/WML), Options.
  • Full-duplex speaker phone with acoustic cavity for improved sound quality.
  • Feature Key Module (FKM) interface jack for use with the EU24, 24 button expansion module (support for this module will be available in a later release of IP office).
  • 7 Position adjustable desk stand/wall mount stand.
  • Infrared (IrDA) port.
  • Built-in headset jack.
  • Multiple language support built-in: English, French, Italian, Spanish & KataKana.
  • 8 Personalized ring patterns.