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Panasonic KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30

Hybrid IP Communication Systems

Panasonic KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 are highly reliable intelligent IP enabled communication solutions for small to medium size businesses. Modular in its architecture - these business communication systems are designed to satisfy virtually all your office communication needs.

Panasonic KX-TDA15 and 30

Panasonic IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 business telephony solutions combine traditional telecommunications together with IP technology - offering maximum feature and flexibility for small to medium size businesses to handle all office communication needs.

Business Communications Simplified

Investment in a telecommunication system requires business communication foresight. Businesses need to be able to effectively communicate today - yet want to make sure that they are properly equipped to handle the growing demands of their future communication needs.

Packed with a repertoire of advanced telephony solutions, the IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and TDA30 communication solutions bring a wide range of benefits to help solve your company's communication needs.

Solutions - such as Wireless Mobility allows companies to enable employees the freedom to roam without worrying about missing important calls from potential customers, while the Voice Messaging solution can easily improve customer service and extend your business operational hours.

Built-in call centre functionality can help businesses improve communication efficiency and allow you to serve customers more effectively. The IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 PBXs make it easy to distribute calls, manage agents handling calls, and controls office use of the phone system.


The reliability of KX-TDA15 and TDA30 IP-enabled communication systems are assured by rigorous quality control and testing before the units leave the factory, guaranteeing you piece of mind.

The systems are designed for quick and easy installation, with no maintenance required, to help keep any downtime to an absolute minimum. The Systems support "hot-swap" cards to allow changing most modules without bringing the system down, while advanced PC based programming tools help installers easily perform configuration changes on-site or remotely over the IP network.

Cost-Cutting Performance

Panasonic has leveraged leading edge PSTN and IP technologies in the KX-TDA PBXs allowing customers to easily reap the business benefits of IP technologies. These IP enabled platforms allow businesses to achieve cost-effective, effortless and reliable single site or multi-site voice solutions.

The key benefits include:


Built-in Call Centre Solutions - For perfect customer service

Whatever the size of your company, efficient and courteous handling of telephone calls is a major factor in a successful business. Panasonic provides multiple solutions for small to medium size Call Centres, enabling businesses to help control and make use of limited human resources that may be available. Call centre features are integrated in the communication platform and can be expanded to suit more sophisticated requirements by combining with optional Panasonic ACD Report Server (KX-NCV200) as well as CTI software solutions. Key integrated features are:

Future-Ready Design

The IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 PBXs are communication tools your business can grow with. The system comes ready for use with IP Trunks, IP Phones, IP based CTI productivity applications, and a whole family of business communication applications that can keep pace with your business growth.

For effective communication - Panasonic communication systems allow businesses to have a wide range of services at their disposal. The KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 support a wide range of Digital, Advanced IP, Wireless DECT and Analogue telephone terminals to suit all your business communication needs.

Alphanumeric Display

Visual feedback on the user-friendly LCD display makes it easier to handle calls and perform other tasks. Use it to view a variety of information (see partial list below) or to access the IP-enabled communication system's many features. Users can also make calls by simply following the visual prompts shown on the display. The display can show items such as:

Navigation Keys

Easy to use navigation keys allow fast, one touch access to multiple phone system functions. The ergonomically designed navigation keys make it highly intuitive to go through phone system feature menus.

Programmable Keys

One-touch function access programmable keys save time and effort. These keys can be used to store telephone numbers, or access frequently used phone system features. The dual colour Red/Green LEDs give visual indication of accessed feature status as well as the status of colleagues (Idle, Busy).

Multi Step Tilt Angle

The IP and digital telephones have multiple points of adjustment for maximum visibility at any angle.

Hands Free Convenience

Optional Bluetooth module for the KX-DT346 and KX-DT343 digital telephones as well as the KX-NT300 series IP telephones provide wireless headset support. In addition, the built-in headset jack, with headset (optional), allows busy users to keep their hands free while taking important telephone calls, giving users the freedom and flexibility to work on PC or take notes.

Integration with Data Network

The NT300 Series IP terminals connect directly into your data network, and provides IP-Telephony features with enhanced levels of functionality and comfort. Users can easily connect their PCs and laptops to the company Local Area Network (LAN) using the built-in 2-Port Ethernet switch on the back of the IP telephones - reducing desktop cable clutter.

Phone Buttons

Digital Telephones

Developed specifically to meet the needs of businesses of all types, the Panasonic digital telephones incorporate sleek design, improved ergonomics, flexibility and superb voice quality.

Panasonic KX-TD346
Panasonic KX-TD343
Panasonic KX-TD333
Panasonic KX-TD321
Panasonic KX-TD390
Panasonic KX-NT303
Panasonic KX-T7710

IP Telephones

The KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 support the newly released KX-NT300 Series IP telephones that are stylish, intuitive, user friendly and comfortable to use.

The NT300 series IP telephones take you to a new dimension in communications productivity, broadband network connectivity and customer care. The sleek, ultra-modern design, available in both black and white works well with any work environment and office decor.

Panasonic KX-NT346
Panasonic KX-NT343
Panasonic KX-NT321
Panasonic KX-NT303

Have an important customer call and need to walk away from your desk? Panasonic Wireless Mobility Solution is here to help. Panasonic KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 IP-enabled systems let you simply continue your current conversation over a lightweight, business-smart wireless DECT telephone while you are away from your desk or moving around the office. Mobile telephones can also be integrated as office extensions - using just one number - for anytime anywhere connectivity.

Mobility for Business Productivity

The system allows you to set your wireless DECT telephones to have the same extension as your desk phone, allowing you to receive calls even when away from the desk. You are always there, ready to receive your customers' calls and make the most of every business opportunity that comes along.

And now with standard, business or tough-type IP54 compliant DECT that is able to handle harsh environments - you can be rest assured that no matter what you need - with Panasonic; you have the DECT mobility solution of your choice.

Mobile Telephone Integration

Mobile Telephones are a compelling way for doing business outside of the office. The KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems support the latest Mobile Telephone integration technology - enabling calls directed to an office extension to be redirected to the Mobile telephone through the TDA system at a lower, fixed cost. Once answered on the mobile, a user can easily transfer calls back to an office extension or even redirect a call to the office Voice Mail system.

Mobile telephones can be integrated providing simultaneously ringing of both desk and mobile phone when a call comes in, allowing users to pick-up their calls on either their Desk phone or Mobile phone providing greater flexibility.

Enjoy superb mobility whatever your business demands.

Whether you work in an office, a factory, a warehouse, a supermarket, or other large facilities - the Panasonic Multi-Cell DECT system keeps you in constant touch with work colleagues and customers even when you are untethered and moving within your work environment - giving you freedom to roam.

Extending Wireless Communication

The IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems allow wireless communication over an extended range by using cell stations that boost the flexibility and mobility of your wireless handsets. Both standard and High Density cell stations are available providing automatic hand-over - enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.

Panasonic KX-TCA175
Panasonic KX-TCA275
Panasonic KX-TCA355

Supporting industry Standard CTI interfaces - Panasonic IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 platforms support a large number of software applications ranging from standard "Screen Pops" to desktop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and many more - all designed to enhance employee efficiency and improve business productivity.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the technology that brings the best of telephony and computers together - providing powerful and simple productivity enhancements. The KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems support CTI integration via the two mature industry standards:

Benefits of CTI

Multiple telephony applications can be implemented leveraging TAPI and CSTA interfaces to augment business communication capabilities and provide software productivity applications for your businesses. KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems can support a myriad of productivity applications that cover all aspects of business requirements. These include among others:

PC Console

PC Console provides company operators and receptionists with a powerful tool for improving call-handling and customer service. PC Console displays information about caller on the operators PC screen even before taking the call - making it easier for operators to prioritise incoming calls, so important customers are never kept waiting. Operators can quickly see which extensions are busy and which are free, and can transfer calls and perform other duties using simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click operations.

Panasonic PC Console

PC Phone Software Add-in for Microsoft® Outlook®

An easy to use CTI application for customers using Microsoft® Outlook®. The software allows users to easily dial contact phone numbers and receive incoming call pop-up alerts. (Requires digital proprietary phones with optional USB module to interface with the PC)

Outlook Addon
Outlook Addon
CTI User

Businesses using IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 system can leverage highly intuitive PC based software applications to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.

Phone Assistant Productivity Application Suite

The Panasonic Phone Assistant productivity software suite is a highly intuitive PC based application suite that blends powerful point and click telephony together with screen based presence, availability, integration with Microsoft Outlook®, integration with popular TAPI enabled CRM desktop tools(e.g. ACT, Goldmine, TwixTel), and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.

Empower Remote Workers using IP Softphone

The Panasonic KX-NCS810X IP Softphone allows road warriors, sales and support staff, or any other power user to use their computer as an IP Phone for access to anytime, anywhere business IP telephony. The user simply needs to connect to the corporate IP network over a managed broadband connection to enable the IP Softphone. All employees can now be centrally connected - providing simple yet highly cost effective VoIP communication.

Panasonic Phone Assist
Panasonic KX-NCS810

Advanced voice messaging applications and voice guidance provides a user friendly interface that can simplify and streamline business communications by efficiently routing customer calls to the proper department or agents. Further, voice mail storage facility can be used for graceful offline call handling during busy hours - increasing overall productivity and providing better customer service.

An Affordable System that Adds Value to Your Business

KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems offer two types of messaging solutions:

Optional Solution

ESVM2 (Option: KX-TDA0192) or ESVM4 (Option: KX-TDA0194) Enhanced SVM cards provide added message recording and outgoing message handling capabilities that help ensure calls from your customers are routed through properly and are always answered or processed gracefully. These optional cards can be configured to run in three modes for complete flexibility:

External Solution

Companies requiring enhanced voice messaging capabilities beyond the functions found on the optional ESVM cards can upgrade to the external KX-TVM50 or KX-TVM200 messaging solutions providing enhanced message applications and customer service. These external optional voice processing systems come fully packed with business class voice messaging features, designed to help businesses handle every call in a courteous and efficient manner.

KX-TVM Key Features:

The KX-TVM50/TVM200 offer a host of voice messaging based features such as:

With the KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200 - Panasonic delivers new levels of communication ease and efficiency that can help any business achieve higher productivity.

Panasonic Voicemail

If a call is not answered, or processed gracefully - it reflects badly on your business. That is why Panasonic KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems are integrated with multiple call handling features as standard.

An Affordable System that Adds Value to Your Business

Messaging features offer greater flexibility to businesses. If short of staff, you can handle calls with Automated Attendant Service. By combining the system with a Panasonic Voice Mail System, you can upgrade to Unified Messaging: combining e-mail and voice mail, and giving you multi-media communication capabilities. You can even customise the system to meet the needs of different callers and get additional features that are available only from Panasonic, such as Live Call Screening, Two-Way Recording and Two-Way Transfer.

Enhanced Simple Voice Mail (ESVM)

Key applications that can be implemented using the optional ESVM cards include:

Voice Mail and advanced Messaging

Using the advanced TVM Messaging solution - each extension can be assigned its own personal mailbox that can be contacted any time of day or night. If a caller leaves a voice message for a user, the extension user is notified by a message-waiting lamp available on proprietary telephones or can be additionally notified via an e-mail with the voice message attached.

Queue Handling with Messaging

If a call cannot be answered it can be sent to a call queue and greeted with a friendly welcoming message. The messages are pre-recorded and can inform the caller that their call will be handled in the order it has been received by an agent as soon as one becomes available, or the messages can be used as a way to generate additional business opportunities by alerting the caller of a service the company offers, or a forthcoming sales promotion.

Centralised Voice Mail

For networked multi-site deployments – centralised voice mail is possible for up to 8 networked KX-TDA15 or KX-TDA30 systems. Extension users from each branch site can set their phone terminals to forward calls when in busy or no-answer state to the central voice messaging system and access messages using VM access codes.

Corporate IP Network infrastructures can now carry both voice along with data. Designed to support Convergence via modular architecture, the IP-enabled KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 communication systems allow an easy migration towards Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allowing voice and data communication to work within the same network - increasing network utilisation and providing improved return on investment for infrastructure and cabling cost.

Benefits of IP Telephony

The benefits of upgrading to IP based solutions include:

Remote Administration over IP Network

With KX-TDA15 or KX-TDA30 systems, installers and administrators can remotely manage any deployment scenario – whether a stand-alone system or a networked multi-site system connected via an IP network. All they need is a networked PC with the necessary PC Maintenance Console application and they can access and administer systems from any location reducing extra administration overhead and resulting in quick system handling.

Multi Site Networking

Multi-site networking helps companies with multiple branch sites to benefit from lower costs for branch-to-branch communication by either leveraging ISDN network connectivity, corporate Wide-Area-Networks (WANs), or using Managed VPN services available from network service providers. Supporting the industry standard QSIG protocol, the KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems allow you to interconnect multiple PBX locations to help modularly build a large, effectively seamless, virtual telephone system. The system supports QSIG over both ISDN as well as VoIP (H.323) giving businesses access to more advanced networking features like direct extension to extension dialling, CID of PSTN calls and ICD group call handling across the QSIG network.

For companies with large legacy PBX in the Head-office, customers can add the KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems as the new advanced company communication system while still maintaining links back to the main legacy PBX via QSIG connection.

Remote Worker

Network Busy Lamp Field

Network Busy Lamp Field (Network - BLF) or Network Direct Station Selection (NDSS), allows unique extensions across networked KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems to be monitored by a single centralised Network Operator. These extensions can be part of a global QSIG network connected over both ISDN or Voice-over-IP (H.323).

If any of the pre-programmed extensions are busy, receiving an incoming call (ringing) or in 'Do not Disturb' (DND) mode, the programmed DSS key for that extension will illuminate, showing the operator the status of that particular extension providing instant - across the network status visibility.

Network Distribution Groups

Incoming Call Distribution (ICD) groups can be set-up across multiple networked TDA PBX systems. Extensions can be grouped together from different PBX systems, creating globally diverse departments with the same ICD group number - e.g. in distributed call centres.

Simultaneous or delayed ringing can be programmed for all Network ICD (NICD) groups for efficient call handling.

Panasonic Network

For the majority of businesses, personal contact with the customer is a significant factor for success. The telephone system is at the heart of all communications - without any concern as to how the communication is conveyed: via IP, by traditional telephony or by employing wireless technology. What is crucial for businesses is quality and reliability. Panasonic provides applications and solutions that address all these crucial business needs.


The Hospitality market requires the communications system to be flexible, economical, and easy to use, with maximum reliability and adaptability for the individual needs. The possibility of PC integration to allow guest room billing and system management has also become a requirement of this sector. Panasonic KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems are perfectly equipped with all the necessary hospitality features and solutions.

Medical and Health Service

To be able to work effectively and comfortably in a medical environment, it is necessary that the communication platform has high level of reliability and can adapt perfectly to fit the needs of the health industry. With safe wireless mobility, advanced call distribution and flexible CTI - the KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems provide an effective solution and allows easy integration with life saving technologies.


In today's competitive world, personal contact becomes ever more important to the customer. Customer satisfaction, flexibility and accessibility provide the crucial lead in this sector. With solutions such as CRM integration with desktop applications, everything that you need is already built in to the systems as standard.


The legal industry of law firms, notaries, attorneys and solicitors etc have specific requirements when it comes to business communication. Attorney client conversation may need to be recorded - or clients may need to be billed for calls. Law firms may prefer to have secure entrances monitored via IP cameras. Panasonic KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems address all these unique communication needs of the legal industry - in a cost effective way.


Public administrators see themselves today more than ever as service providers. Their services must be carried out inspite of the increasing pressure of cost management for government, council and municipal authorities. KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems offer such establishments of unified communications solutions that can help maintain and keep their costs in check.

Production enterprises

High flexibility, economy and reliability as well as adjustment to individual needs are important criteria, which communication platforms must fulfil. The Panasonic KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems outshines here as it was developed with manufacturing plants and production departments in mind. Experience a new dimension of efficient communications with KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 future ready solutions.


Customers like to only invest in well built products, displaying them attractively and placing them within their work environment. These same guidelines should also be followed by your telecommunication systems. When it comes from Panasonic - you are sure that all these important points have been meticulously followed - so customers can be proud to own a Panasonic system.


Logistics requires smooth and reliable transport of information. This is why logistics companies have particular requirements when it comes to communication systems. With possibility for integration into CRM solutions and mobile accessibility, the KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30 systems can become the driving force for your businesses.