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Panasonic KX-TDE

IP Telecommunications Platform

The Panasonic KX-TDE range is an advanced business communication solution suitable for medium to large enterprises. The KX-TDE solution gives your business a scalable platform with a competitive edge by providing professional tools & applications for your communications needs.

Panasonic KX-TDE

Panasonic KX-TDE IP PBX system is an advanced business telephony platform designed to leverage the most out of your IP Network. Targeting single or multi-site, medium to large businesses, this system provides advanced unified communication solutions to give your business a competitive edge.

KX-TDE also supports a range of smart and easy to use wired and wireless terminals designed to enhance business productivity.

An Investment for Today and for the Future

Need a Solution that won't soon become out of date? – the Panasonic KX-TDE IP PBX is designed to be modular, extensible and flexible in both technology and the business application solutions it provides. Convergence ready – the systems can integrate with your desktop tools, and help improve communications with customers and colleagues alike.

The KX-TDE provides a business solution of essential features, broad range of telephone devices, combined with a rich portfolio of applications that can be tailored to many vertical business solutions. The system is designed to be easy to install, cost effective to run and quickly provides a good return on your investment.

One of the Best Communications Solution

The KX-TDE communication platform allows businesses to enable fast and efficient collaboration over any distance - and helps businesses to connect and interact with customers, colleagues and partners with ease.

By combining the power of voice and data over converged high speed IP networks, the KX-TDE provides you with a flexible and personalised solution that lets you leverage the latest advances for the best in business communication.


Easy Migration to IP

A straight forward and smooth migration path is the key for customers upgrading to converged solutions.

Panasonic offers a simple yet reliable solution to make it easy for existing customers with KX-TDA Hybrid PBX systems to effortlessly migrate or upgrade to IP Telephony, simply by exchanging the Main Processor Card. This provides businesses with simple and evolutionary steps to take advantage of all the new features and benefits from true convergence, whilst protecting investments and allowing adoption of new business solutions.


The reliability of Panasonic TDE PBX systems are assured by rigorous quality control and testing before these systems leave the factory, guaranteeing you piece of mind. The KX-TDE systems are designed with no need for hardware maintenance. Additionally, all programming changes are possible from any local or remote location.

Talk to us to understand how your business can benefit from KX-TDE IP PBX systems.

With the KX-TDE IP PBX systems - businesses can choose from any type of telephone terminals - the stylish IP telephones, DECT wireless or Digital terminals. Supporting a family of digital and even analogue phones - the KX-TDE gives companies an extensive and cost effective choice of solutions to suit their specific business telephony needs.

Panasonic NT300 Series

NT300 Series IP Terminals - A Perfect Team Player

Panasonics KX-TDE IP PBX supports the KX-NT300 Series IP telephones that are stylish, intuitive, user friendly, and comfortable to use by all system telephone users.

The NT300 series IP telephones take you to a new dimension in audio experience, communications productivity, broadband network connectivity and customer care. These IP telephones bring you the power of the advanced KX-TDE IP PBX system - allowing quick access to the entire spectrum of the PBXs additional features and applications.

The IP telephones offer superb voice quality thanks to hands free speakerphone, acoustic echo cancellation, and support for wide-band G.722 audio.

Packed with a whole host of features, the KX-NT300 Series IP telephones could not be any simpler to use. In addition to all the regular functionalities - the IP Phones range includes:

All these added features are designed to provide you with enhanced desktop usability and comfort.

Panasonic NT300 Users
Panasonic TDE Phones

Integration with your Data Network

The NT300 Series IP terminals connect directly into your data network, and provide IP-Telephony features with enhanced levels of functionality and comfort compared to the already proven digital system terminals. Users can easily connect their PCs or work laptops to the company Local Area Network (LAN) using the built-in 2-port Ethernet switch on the back of the IP telephones - reducing desktop cable clutter. The advanced functionalities of these new IP system terminals will surely surprise you.

SIP Telephone Support

With built-in support for the latest SIP technology, the KX-TDE IP PBX can support SIP telephones as extensions. Companies can now use either Panasonic or standard off-the-shelf SIP phones and connect them to the KX-TDE IP PBX as IP extensions to support in-house office users, remote workers and even road warriors connecting back to the office over high-speed broadband IP network from virtually anywhere.

Advanced Digital Proprietary Terminals

The Panasonic KX-DT300 Series advanced desktop phones are designed for business users who require a range of feature-rich telephony devices to match their constantly changing business needs.

These easy to use, advanced business class telephone devices are designed for effective daily communications. Connected to the TDE platforms, the digital terminals are extremely reliable and provide a wide range of features to support the right solution for all your business applications. Ergonomically designed with features and functions to enhance users’ daily productivity, these devices are ideal for many applications including contact centre agents, hotel rooms, and other advanced desktop applications supporting a range of wired and Bluetooth headsets.

KX-TDE IP PBX system seamlessly integrates with unified communications productivity applications for improved business efficiency - whether you use IP , Digital, DECT wireless Terminals or even Smart Mobile Devices. Empower your staff to handle business communications on any device - anytime, anywhere.

Communication Assistant Productivity Application Suite

The Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity software suite is a highly intuitive unified communications (UC) solution that blends easy point and click telephony together with presence, availability, Microsoft Outlook® integration, visual voice messaging and a variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users.

Designed for easy installation and maintenance - Communication Assistant can be deployed without the need of any additional server - making it an ideal solution for small to medium size businesses with limited IT knowledge and staff while enterprise businesses requiring scalability to support large deployments, thinclient support and enhanced features - can choose Communication Assistant (CA) server based deployments.

Communication Assistant - Highlights

Communication Assistant IP Softphone

The Panasonic Communication Assistant IP Softphone option allows road warriors, sales and support staff, or any other power user to use their computer as an IP Phone for anytime, anywhere access to unified communications.

The user simply needs to connect to the corporate IP network over a secure managed broadband connection to enable the IP Softphone.

Panasonic KX-NCS810X
VM Assist

Communication Assistant VM Assistant Module

Companies using the optional advanced KX-TVM Voice Messaging solution - can allow Communication Assistant users to visually manage their voice mails with Voice Mail Assistant.

VM Assistant module allows Unified Messaging functionality - allowing users to access and retrieve, in the order they prefer - any voice messages left for them. Users can listen to the messages - on either their desk phone, or on their PC and even download messages to their PC for forwarding to any work colleague via email.

Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®

Communication Assistant seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Outlook® allowing users to easily dial contact phone numbers and receive incoming call pop-up alerts. Focus on your business communications from within MS Outlook - for those who use Outlook as their primary communication tool.

Outlook Addon

Mobile Communication Assistant for Smart Phones

Panasonic Mobile Communication Assistant enables mobile workers to have anytime anywhere access to comprehensive and powerful business telephony on their Windows Mobile enabled smart mobile devices.

Mobile Communication Assistant (Mobile CA) allows companies to provide "one number" access to customers - improving availability of key staff members while enabling mobile workers to use business telephony features - wherever they may be.

Businesses can increase employee availability and enhance customer service by providing un-hindered access to wireless telephony.

Panasonic DECT Phones

Mobile/GSM Integration for Anytime Anywhere Mobility

Mobile phones are a compelling way for doing business outside of the office. The KX-TDE supports the latest mobile phone integration technology - enabling calls directed to an office extension to be redirected to a Mobile telephone at a lower, fixed cost. Calls can then also be transferred back to a colleague's office extension or even back to the office voice mail system for graceful handling.

Mobile telephones can be integrated into ICD groups which allow incoming calls to ring both the desk phone and the mobile handset simultaneously, allowing businesses to publish “one-number” access while providing users with the added flexibility to pick-up calls from either their desk phone or mobile phone.

Multi-Cell DECT Wireless for Office Mobility Solution

The Panasonic office mobility solution lets you carry on your conversation over lightweight, business-smart wireless DECT terminals while you are away from your desk or moving around the office. Using Wireless XDP (eXtra Device Port), users can set their DECT wireless handsets to have the same extension as their desk phone, and then receive calls even when away from their desk.

The Multi-Cell DECT System is an integrated wireless mobility solution providing automatic hand-over between installed wireless cells - enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.

Panasonic KX-TCA175
Panasonic KX-TCA275
Panasonic KX-TCA355

Business Mobility Terminals

With standard, compact business or tough-type DECT that is able to handle harsh environments - you can be assured that no matter what your needs - with Panasonic; you have the DECT business mobility solution of your choice.

The KX-TCA275 DECT handset combines small size, light weight and durability, with a host of powerful business telephony features, while the KX-TCA175 is a perfect choice for users who want good performance in a standard size handset. In addition, to handle tough environments - the KX-TCA355 ruggedised handset meets strict dust and splash resistant IP54 standards.

Extending Office Mobility Wireless Communication

The KX-TDE PBX systems allow wireless communications over an extended range by using multiple and High Density cell stations that boost the flexibility and mobility of your wireless handsets.

The system provides automatic hand-over between installed wireless cells - enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.

Advanced voice messaging applications provide enhanced call handling flexibility. Voice guidance provides a user friendly interface to simplify and streamline business communications by efficiently routing customer calls to the correct department or agents. Further, voice mail storage facility can be used for graceful offline call handling during busy hours - increasing overall productivity and providing better customer service.

Enhanced Simple Voice Mail (ESVM)

Key applications that can be implemented using the built-in or optional ESVM cards include: user as well as group voice mail services, voice guidance based call routing, transfer out from voice mailbox to MSG functions, multi-level auto-attendant with OGM recordings, queue messages, CO-to-CO end of call detection, mobile phone extension support and many more.

The KX-TDE systems offer three types of messaging solutions:

1. Built-In Solution: Built-in 2 channel Enhanced Simple Voice Messaging (ESVM) solution.

2. Optional Solution: ESVM2 (Option: KX-TDA0192) or ESVM4 (Option: KX-TDA0194) Enhanced Messaging cards provide added message recording and outgoing message handling capabilities that help ensure calls from your customers are through properly and are always answered or processed gracefully. These optional cards can be configured to run in three modes for complete flexibility:

Both Built-in and optional ESVM cards provide the ability to assign uploaded High Quality custom music files as Music-on- Hold announcements.

3.Companies requiring enhanced voice messaging capabilities beyond the functions found on the optional ESVM cards can upgrade to the external KX-TVM50 or KX-TVM200 messaging solutions providing enhanced message applications and customer service. These external optional voice processing systems come fully packed with business class voice messaging features, designed to help businesses handle every call in a courteous and efficient manner.

KX-TVM Key Features:

The KX-TVM50/TVM200 offer a host of voice messaging based features such as:

With the KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200 - Panasonic delivers new levels of communication ease and efficiency that can help any business achieve higher productivity.

Centralised Voice Mail

For networked multi-site deployments – centralised voice mail is possible for up to 8 networked IP PBX systems. Extension users from each branch site can forward calls when in busy or no-answer state to the central voice messaging system and access messages using VM access codes.

Panasonic Voicemail

The KX-TDE IP PBX comes with built-in sophisticated Call Centre solutions flexible enough for most customer needs - allowing businesses to efficiently route customer calls to appropriate departments, helpdesks or sales teams.

Packed with Call Centre Features

Whatever the size of your company, efficient and courteous handling of telephone calls is a major factor in a successful business. Panasonic provides multiple solutions for medium to large Call Centres, to help control and make use of high volume calls. The following call centre features are integrated into the PBX and can be expanded to suit more sophisticated call centres in combination with CTI software solutions available in the market:

Call Distribution

The KX-TDE IP PBX supports Incoming Call Distribution (ICD) Groups - the basic building blocks to implement Call Centre functionality. Incoming calls received by an ICD group can be distributed to Call Centre agents using supported call distribution methods and when a pre programmed number of agents in the group are busy, additional incoming calls can be put in a queue. Agents can also be assigned to multiple ICD groups - allowing for a smaller number of agents to handle calls in multiple ICD groups in order to operate a flexible call centre. The system provides four standard call distribution methods. Further, it even allows prioritising incoming call distribution groups for added flexibility. These distribution methods are:

Agent Features

The system supports extensive standard call centre agent features. Agents can work more efficiently using the following built-in features to help increase agent productivity as well as overall business productivity:

Supervisor Features

The KX-TDE IP PBX supports built-in Call Centre Supervisor features - allowing management and performance overview in real-time of calls in queue and agent call handling. The supervisor can:

a. Monitor each agent's phone status
b. Remotely log-in a logged-out agent
c. Log-out agent's extension.

In addition, the supervisor extension, can either use a 6-line system display telephone or Communication Assistant supervisor application to manage and monitor various important Call Centre Statistics showing items such as:

A Step-by-Step Approach to Call Centre Solution

Companies requiring advanced Call centre functionalities can use the optional ACD Report Server (KX-NCV200). This allows companies with all types of customer-facing departments and call centres to benefit from sophisticated real-time agent and queue monitoring, detailed performance monitoring and analysis, comprehensive reporting and overall call centre performance visualisation.

With Panasonic optional NCV200 - call centre customers now have a clear choice and upgrade path for their call centre businesses. Enhance your call centre businesses with optional NCV200.

For businesses, personal contact with customers is a significant factor for success. The telephone system is at the heart of all communications, whether it is conveyed by IP, by traditional telephony or by employing wireless technology. What is crucial for businesses is quality and reliability. Panasonic provides applications and solutions that address all these crucial business needs.


The Hospitality market requires the communications system to be flexible, economical, and easy to use, with maximum reliability and adaptability for the individual needs. The possibility of PC integration to allow guest room billing and system management has also become a requirement of this sector. Panasonic KX-TDE systems are perfectly equipped with all the necessary hospitality features and solutions.

Medical and Health Service

To be able to work effectively and comfortably in a medical environment, it is necessary that the communication platform has high level of reliability and can adapt perfectly to fit the needs of the health industry. With safe wireless mobility, advanced call distribution and flexible CTI - the KX-TDE systems provide an effective solution and allows easy integration with life saving technologies.


In today's competitive world, personal contact becomes ever more important to the customer. Customer satisfaction, flexibility and accessibility provide the crucial lead in this sector. With solutions such as CRM integration with desktop applications, everything that you need is already built in to the systems as standard.


The legal industry of law firms, notaries, attorneys and solicitors etc have specific requirements when it comes to business communication. Attorney client conversation may need to be recorded - or clients may need to be billed for calls. Law firms may prefer to have secure entrances monitored via IP cameras. Panasonic KX-TDE systems address all these unique communication needs of the legal industry - in a cost effective way.


Public administrators see themselves today more than ever as service providers. Their services must be carried out inspite of the increasing pressure of cost management for government, council and municipal authorities. KX-TDE systems offer such establishments of unified communications solutions that can help maintain and keep their costs in check.

Production enterprises

High flexibility, economy and reliability as well as adjustment to individual needs are important criteria, which communication platforms must fulfil. The Panasonic KX-TDE systems outshines here as it was developed with manufacturing plants and production departments in mind. Experience a new dimension of efficient communications with KX-TDE future ready solutions.


Customers like to only invest in well built products, displaying them attractively and placing them within their work environment. These same guidelines should also be followed by your telecommunication systems. When it comes from Panasonic - you are sure that all these important points have been meticulously followed - so customers can be proud to own a Panasonic system.


Logistics requires smooth and reliable transport of information. This is why logistics companies have particular requirements when it comes to communication systems. With possibility for integration into CRM solutions and mobile accessibility, the KX-TDE systems can become the driving force for your businesses.