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For a typical single-site SME business, TIM Professional is the perfect call logger. Deceptively powerful with an in-built web-server, it allows your managers and teams access to critical business intelligence they need to help you. And it's so intuitive, we allow you to download a free trial so you can start using immediately with your live data.


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TIM Professional is a pioneering call logger that set the standards on which all others are based. It's a Windows-based application that uses the data output from your telephone system (PBX), checks it, costs it and stores it automatically. From this, not only can it produce a whole range of management reports with vivid graphs, charts and tables, custom-defined if required, but all of its functions can be performed from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser - no client software is required.

Control your costs

TIM Professional gives department managers the information they need to control their own telecoms budgets. Just knowing the system is in place will itself reduce general telephone abuse, allowing significant savings. Give department managers access to their own information - from their own desktop using a standard web browser. Setup any number of users, restricting access to specific departments if required.

Improve service

TIM Professional identifies when and where your calls are being lost. Lost calls mean lost business, and customer dissatisfaction. TIM Professional also monitors your phone line usage. Do you have enough lines? Or too many? TIM Professional scrutinises your telephone traffic and can readily suggest line optimisation.


You can use TIM Professional two ways... locally at the PC using its simple Windows Explorer-style interface, and remotely using any standard web browser, so now you can produce reports, edit your organisation's directory, or see live wallboard-type statistics from anywhere on your network.

Fast and accurate

TIM Professional retrieves information in seconds. It works around a lightning-fast and incredibly flexible costing algorithm allowing stats to be produced within seconds of a call being made.

Product differentiators

With its simple licensing model TIM Professional is ideally suited to single site applications. Although you could purchase individual TIM Professional licenses and run one on each site, we usually find that if you have more then one site, it is more effective to use our TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise products in terms of both cost and functionality.

Summary of differences between Professional and Plus/Enterprise: