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Avaya IP Office one-X Portal

The one-X Portal for IP Office is an application that provides users control of their telephone from a networked PC.

one-X Portal for IP Office can be used with any IP Office extension; analog, digital or any IP telephones, wired or wireless, and is available as part of the IP Office Office Worker, Power User or Teleworker user licenses only.

one-X Portal for IP Office is a server based application that the user accesses via web browser.

Via separate gadgets, one-X Portal for IP Office provides easy access to telephony features, call information, call and conference control, instant messaging, directory and VoiceMail Pro mailbox.

Avaya one-X Portal

Calls Gadget

Caller ID/Name Presentation

Caller ID is presented as standard (where provided) allowing users to see who's calling before answering. The caller's phone number and name (if known to IP Office) are clearly shown in the call status area.

The same information is also displayed should a second incoming call be presented, allowing users to easily switch between calls.

one-X Call Gadget

Desktop PC Telephony Controls

one-X Portal for IP Office has telephony buttons in the call gadget that activate standard telephone functions such as Answer, Drop, Hold, Retrieve, Record, Consult and Transfer so that users don’t need to remember IP Office specific feature codes. These functions are context sensitive and appear depending on the status of the call. Keyboard shortcuts are available for Answer, Hold, Drop and Call functions and can be configured by the user.

Active calls can be easily parked by clicking on a park slot whilst displaying the active call. Four Call Park slots/zones, which can be shared between users and operators, or within a department on the same IP Office system, further add to the ease with which the entire call handling process is streamlined with one-X Portal for IP Office. Such parked calls can be retrieved either through one-X Portal for IP Office, Phone Manager, SoftConsole or a desktop phone. The call park slot names can be configured by the user.

Conferencing Controls

one-X Portal for IP Office allows the setting up of an ad-hoc conference call from calls on hold and/or the directory, or a meet-me conference. It is possible to configure the Conference ID of the user for meet-me conferences.

Once the conference is set up the conference originator will have the following functions:

Call Log Gadget

Call History

The call log displays details of calls you have made, received and missed and it will report the last 30 calls. Users can use the call log to make a call or add the caller to the Personal Directory.

The call log shows the actual call history, independent of whether the user was logged in at the time or not. The call log is centralized and also available on the desktop phone.

Calls are ordered in 4 tabs:

one-X Call Log Gadget

Each tab can be ordered by name, number, time of the call, duration, number of calls and call type. The order can be ascending or descending.

To make a call from the call log, the user simply clicks on the number they wish to call.

Messages Gadget

Voicemail Access

one-X Portal for IP Office will show new, saved and old voicemails received and provides access into the user mailbox allowing the user to play, rewind, fast-forward, save and delete messages.

The voicemails can be ordered by state (new, saved, read, private, urgent), caller, called party, time and length. The order can be ascending or descending.

The user can easily call back the caller who left a message from the message gadget.

one-X Messages Gadget

Directory Gadget


one-X Portal for IP Office can display several directories of names and associated telephone numbers.

one-X Directory Gadget

Searching the directories is easy: with the Personal Directory and the System Directory, as you enter a name or number in the box at the bottom of the tab, only matching directory entries will remain in view.

With the External Directory, you must enter a name or number to perform a search.

The user can make a call directly from the directory gadget by clicking on the number associated with the entry. If more than one number is available for this entry, they can choose which one to call.

User Status/Presence

For the directory entries of other IP Office users, one-X Portal for IP Office will indicate the status of the user at their work number. This status is available for users across an IP Office Small Community Network.

The status can be:



The normal state for a user showing that their work extension is available and not in use.



The normal state for a user showing that their work extension is currently on a call.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

The user has set Do Not Disturb. Calls to them will go to voicemail if enabled or else get busy tone unless you are in the user's Do Not Disturb exception list.

Logged Out

Logged Out

The user has logged out from their phone. Calls to them will most likely go to voicemail if available.



This icon is used when the status is not known or cannot be known, for example external numbers.



This icon is used for an internal contact that is currently ringing.

Presence within one-X Portal for IP Office allows the user to create sets of call redirection settings. Through the configuration tab the user can create different Presence entries and associate different rules to each such as forwarding to a different number or Do Not Disturb. In case of Do Not Disturb, the user can establish a list of numbers (DND exceptions) from whom the user wants to receive calls.

World Clock Gadget

The World Clock Gadget shows you the current time in different time zones that you select. It can present this information in two ways, in a time zones clock view or a time zones band view.

one-X World Clocks
one-X Time Zones

CCR Agent Control Gadget

The Agent Control Gadget can be used to see your current agent state and also gives you the ability to change that state. You can also use it to change your membership status in the various Customer Call Reporter queues to which you belong.

one-X Agent Control

The Agent Control Gadget can also be used to set your reason codes when you change your status to Busy Not Available.

one-X Agent Control

Instant Messaging Another one-X Portal for IP Office User

From the Directory entry of a user the option chat with allows the establishment of an instant messaging session. Such sessions can be established only with other logged on one-X Portal users and can be established while on multiple calls.

one-X Instant Messaging

Avaya IP Office Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an application that many knowledge workers invoke in the morning and keep running all day. The IP Office Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook brings a subset of the Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office user experiences to Outlook. The plug-in allows the user to communicate with contacts without leaving the Outlook window and without needing to bring up separate client applications. This vastly improves user productivity.

one-X Outlook Plugin

Avaya IP Office Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook provides the following features:

Avaya IP Office Plug-in for

IP Office enables integration with for business users. This integration enables customers that are using IP office for their telephony needs to control calls from within the portal itself. This integration is enabled by the "Avaya IP Office Plug-in for", which is a Windows application that runs in the system tray, and provides the following features from the soft client available within the portal:

The screenshot below captures the Portal with the phone integrated to IP Office.

one-X Salesforce