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Shore System Care Services

Shore Communications offer full maintenance services on all the systems in our current portfolio. Three levels of cover are available to our customers and all our maintenance calls are carried out by our own in-house and highly trained engineers.

If you are not already one of our customers, why not ask us to give you a free quotation for your annual maintenance. Our rates are extremely competitive and we pride ourselves on the standard of service we are able to deliver.


We offer full support services on the following equipment:

Telephone Systems

Voice Mail Systems

Call Logging & Recording

Communications are the life blood of all businesses and it can be devastating if they are interrupted for any length of time. Why take the risk of not covering yourself in the case of such an event?

You may well be surprised by just how little it costs to have a standard contract in place, and give yourself that peace of mind.

Bronze Contract:

Silver Contract:

Gold Contract:

In the event of 30% (or more) of system/equipment failure, the reported fault will be defined as a system failure.

Shore Communications are committed to providing high standards of service, and it is our policy to provide our customers with news of any developments regarding their particular systems which are made available to us by the manufacturers.

As system software levels change and new features or add-on equipments become available, we will keep you informed and explain the benefits you may receive, and what advantages they may bring to your business.