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1080P AHD (Full HD over Coax)

The IQCCTV & Xvision XHD range of AHD CCTV products offers the complete answer to providing High Definition 1080P over coax. It allows High Quality 1080P images to be transported up to 500 metres over coax cable and also provides dual functionality to enable compatibility with existing analogue systems.

Reliable and inexpensive connection

AHD data transmission technology is not dependent on the quality of coax cable. Video data is transmitted without quality losses up to distances of 500 metres, using coax cable giving High Definition video without any latencies.

Universal application simply replace existing Cameras & DVRs with AHD to see the difference

AHD video recorders can work in two modes, with standard analogue D1/960H & AHD. That allows connection to already installed standard analogue CCTV cameras to an AHD digital video recorder. Adding AHD cameras provides a cost effective upgrade to HD with the minimum of disruption.

Remote viewing from anywhere in the World via PC, Mac or Mobile Phone

The DVR can be accessed from the Internet for high definition viewing of live & recorded images.

Intruder Alert - Receive emails instantly when cameras detect motion

When the DVR alarm is triggered an email can be sent to a linked email address with an attached snapshot of the intruder.

HD Cameras

The IQCCTV & Xvision CCTV range of cameras offer the solution to providing High Definition over coax. Because AHD technology can not only fully replace the existing analogue systems with a camera resolution that is comparable to IP, but also maintain existing systems.


To make sure the high resolution images provided are saved correctly we have the feature rich IQ AHD & Xvision CCTV range of Digital Video Recorders, ranging from 4-16 Channels.

However because of their flexibility they can also be used as direct replacements in any conventional analogue system to provide high quality 960H recordings.

IQCCTV 4 Channel DVR
IQC1080W Camera
XHC1080VA Camera
Xvision 16 Channel DVR


Xvision HD IP CCTV uses today’s technology to make your CCTV System more effective

Xvision IP CCTV has improved the effectiveness of video security by leaps and bounds over analogue CCTV equipment. IP video surveillance solutions utilise an IP network, rather than complicated cabling setups, as the backbone for delivering information. This allows for flexible, cost-effective installation, remote video monitoring, improved storage, very High Definition images up to 4 Megapixel and a host of other benefits.

See your own systems High Definition Images from anywhere in the world

With an Xvision IP surveillance camera, users can view live network camera High definition megapixel images in real-time from any computer with Internet access. Xvision IP cameras can capture and transmit high-quality video images over any IP network or the Internet, where the footage can be viewed remotely using PC, Mac and Smart phone. Additionally, the recorded surveillance footage can be stored at remote locations.

Simple Expansion

Expanding the Xvision HD IP system is as simple as connecting additional cameras to the IP network. An Xvision HD IP camera can be placed anywhere along the network, and there's no need for expensive and complicated cabling - simply connect the camera like you would any other network device.

Improved Storage Capabilities

Since network cameras capture digital video images, large amounts of footage can be stored on servers and Xvision network video recorders, where archived video can be quickly accessed and searched.

HD-IP Cameras

Xvision IP Cameras offer real benefits over traditional analogue CCTV cameras, having hugely superior image quality, providing Megapixel resolution with up to 8 times better quality than standard analogue cameras.

By providing such detail it is possible to reduce the number of cameras required to cover a large area without losing any detail making installation quicker and more cost effective. Simple set up with a single cable carrying both power and data reduces even more time and expense making Xvision IP Cameras the way forward for CCTV installation.


Xvision offers a full range of NVRs that not only support the Xvision High Definition Network Cameras recording up to 4 Megapixel resolution, but ensure they are all compliant with the latest ONVIF standard to enable full connectivity with all similarly approved IP Cameras from other major manufacturers. Our NVR series meets the installation demands of a wide variety of applications, thanks to the great capabilities of the systems themselves and their compatibility with our Central Management Software (a remote platform which is supplied free of charge) to enable multi-site monitoring.

Xvision 4 Channel NVR
XC1080V Camera
X2C4000DVP Camera
Xvision 32 Channel NVR