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Customer Product Training

The importance of good effective training

The final stage of any system or communications package installation is the training stage. The training that you receive on the equipment you have invested in, is in-fact one of if not the most important phase of the whole project. Its success or failure will most certainly impact on any conclusions drawn regarding whether this particular financial investment, was a wise one.

It is quite easy to spend a lot of time and effort on consultancy, decide on a solution that meets all your requirements (technically and budgetary), have the whole installation go exactly to plan with good project management, and then have it all end in disappointment when the training you receive doesn't provide you with the necessary skills to operate the new equipment at a level where you can really experience the benefits.


It's true to say that a poor system package used by a company that can operate it to its full potential, can work far more effectively than a company who have a new "state of the art" communication solution, but have never really undergone any effective training to provide them with the necessary tools to use it properly.

At Shore Communications we understand the real importance in providing our customers with effective, hands on training. Our project management philosophy has always been to incorporate specific training at all key stages of an installation. We know from experience that users being trained in a gradual and progressive format gain a far more comprehensive understanding of their new equipment, and are certainly more willing to engage in constructive dialogue when final training is carried out at the end of installation.

The more of the training you've understood, the more you want to learn and the more specific technical questions you ask at the end. This is as it should be and it is one of the measures we use to gauge the effectiveness of the training we deliver. Users who appear to have no questions are likely to have been disappointed with the standards and methods of the training provided and don't see the point in asking!

The Shore Training Philosophy (Key Points)

If you would like an more information on training on any of the products we support, please contact our customer service department on 02086616800. We're waiting to take your called and would be happy to offer assistance.